Our automation design experience includes machinery of all types for the continuous conveying, assembling and packaging of medical, electronic, and food products. We have also designed machinery for the coating, drying, laminating, and printing of paper, film, foil, extrusions, and filaments.

We specialize in advanced machine control including the industrial application of programmable logic controllers, servomotors, robotics, vision systems, HMIs and personal computers. We have accomplished many upgrade and modernization projects ranging from simple logic changes to complete redesign and rebuild programs. We have integrated ADEPT , Cognex and DVT vision systems.


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We are advanced integrators of the Intelligent Actuator product line including linear actuators and SCARA robots.

In order to achieve maximum design flexibility, we do all design and drafting utilizing Computer Aided Design. We utilize AutoCAD for 2D design and schematics as well as SolidWorks for complex 3D mechanical designs. Our customers have the ability to review and modify designs before actual production begins. Costly prototype construction and subsequent revision is minimized by virtue of CAD's ease of manipulation. Our approach to design also allows us to more fully integrate control systems with mechanical equipment to achieve a more ergonomic design and aesthetic appearance.

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We ask that you consider us for the design, construction, installation or modification,  of any of the equipment in the above mentioned areas. We can deliver a personalized job using the most current technology at very competitive prices.

Allow us to show you how we can deliver a high quality job on time and on budget!

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